Aerobic Gymnast, Lauren Louw, Gets Her Provincial and National Colours

The 18 year old Lauren Louw comes from difficult circumstances. She was raised by her grandparents and they could not afford the shoes she needed to compete in competitions. These were challenges that Lauren faced head on and this year, the unstoppable aerobics gymnast from Delft obtained her provincial and national colours.

What makes Lauren even more remarkable is the fact that she had only been competing in gymnastics for a year before receiving her colours. There is more. She is one of Rosendaal High School’s top academic achievers, participated in all school activities and she competes in netball, volleyball and athletics. Her principal, Chrizelda Layman, describes the unstoppable Lauren as “hard working” and ‘excelling on all levels’.

Lauren is part of an aerobics studio club and she actively participates in raising funds for the club. She is also grateful for her school that helped raise funds for the club. We all need a little help sometimes, and when Lauren’s grandparents could not afford those shoes, the school helped her with getting the money to buy the shoes. Lauren is especially grateful for the help of Principal Layman whom she considers to be her role model.

Principal Laymen says that the kids from Delft have it tough but she is super proud of the way they overcome their circumstances. One of the ways she tries to motivate them is to have an awards ceremony every year for their achievements.

The unstoppable Lauren has applied to study sports management and she is still waiting to hear about getting a bursary. She also wants to be a teacher like her role model, the unstoppable Principal Layman.

Source: IOL (edited from an article written by Rusana Philander)

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