Ashwin Willemse Inquiry to be Completed by June 18

It has been reported that the enquiry instituted by Supersport into the walkout by Ashwin Willemse is to be completed by the June 18.

The inquiry, which is being led by advocate Vincent Maleka, is on the verge of being completed with most interviews having been conducted and testimonies presented.

It is believed that of the three respondents (Ashwin, Naas and Nick), Ashwin is yet to hand in his testimony.

His reasons for not having submitted his submission as of yet could be hidden in the only public statement he made since the walkout, when he said, “The complexity of the issue is very profound.”

None of the respondents, including Ashwin, will appear on the Supersport rugby show until the inquiry is complete.

The inquiry was instituted as a result of Ashwin walking out on a live Supersport airing with Nick Mallet and Naas Botha as his co-presenters.

Before walking out, he had told Nick and Naas that he would not be patronised and undermined by apartheid rugby players.

Supersport claimed that the incident was not racially motivated and had claimed that it was as a result of a technical error.

Soon after making these claims, Supersport announced that the issue had not been resolved and that an inquiry would be instituted.