Box Office Hit, Ellen, Continues to Overperform

South African dramas generally struggles to find an audience at the local cinema, barely making it past R3 million by the end its run.

However, ‘Ellen: The Ellen Pakkies Story’ has proven that with the right mix of cast, director and screenwriter, the people will come.

Ellen has already made R3.5 million in its third weekend and has become the second biggest South African film at the local box office.

The largest film at the local box office is Stroomop, which includes as part of its cast, Ilse Klink and Donnalee Roberts.

It is in its seventh week at the cinema and has already grossed R7.2 million.

Ellen however has a higher per screen average in its third weekend than Stroomop had in its second weekend.

It also increased its per screen average which generally implies that it will continue to show strong growth in revenue while it is still playing.

In addition to being 2018’s second biggest South African movie at the box office, it is on its way to out grossing all of the South African dramas of 2017 and 2018.

Last year’s largest drama, Vaselinetjie, made approximately R3.7 million by the end of its 6 week run at the cinema.

Ellen is also the only South African movie that has been in the top 10 for the past 3 weeks.

The performance of Ellen is good news for director, Daryne Joshua, who is proving himself capable of making both a critically acclaimed and profitable movie.

Daryne’s last movie, Noem my Skollie, also had both the audience and the critics singing his praises.

Critics have lauded Ellen as “life changing”, with Jill Levenberg’s and Jarrid Geduld’s performances being described as “magnificent” and “heart-wrenching”.

Audiences have generally confessed to crying their hearts out with some saying that they know what this mother has had to go through.

One audience member said that by the time the movie was done, she had to sit still for a while, just to process what she had just experienced.

If you still have not checked out Ellen or if you want to see it again, it is still playing at a cinema near to you.


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