Breyton Poole Clinches Bronze in First African Games Appearance

He might be the youngest and shortest of his competitors, but his first appearance at the African Games saw Breyton Poole clinch the bronze medal.

The 19 year old High Jump Youth Championships gold medalist managed to jump a height of 2.15 meters, beaten to the silver medal by 31 year old Mathew Kiplagat Sawe.

Mathew also jumped a height of 2.15 meters, but was given the silver medal because of what is known as the ‘Countback Rule’.

Breyton is generally the shortest of his competitors, measuring 1.73 meters while, as a comparison, Mathew measures a relatively tall 1.93 meters.

As another comparison, fourth-placed Kabelo Kgosiemang measures 1.88 meters, is 33 years old and jumped 2.10 meters.

To further understand how impressive the young Breyton is, gold medal winners generally measures above 1.8 meters and only start competing in senior competitions after having turned 20.

The average age of an Olympic gold medallist is 26, so Breyton has more than enough time to develop his already impressive physical performance.

The gold medal went to fellow South African, Mpho Links, who jumped an impressive 2.20 meters.

The 24 year old Mpho also won the gold medal at the South African Championships as well as at the Varsity Athletics, with Breyton following closely with a silver medal win.


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