Community Says No to Bail for Little Gaylin’s Murderer

She was walking with her mom to some relatives when little Gaylin Cupido’s life was taken by the bullets of a filthy gangster.

On Saturday, the little 6 year old suddenly found herself in the middle of a gang shootout when a bullet ripped into her tiny chest.

She was holding onto her mom, Regina’s hand when she was struck.

Regina felt her baby girl’s hand let go of hers and that’s the last time Gaylin would hold on to her mom’s hand.

The Grade R learner has been described as a bubbly little girl who loved posing for the camera and was loved by everyone that met her.

Gaylin’s alleged murderer and gangster were caught and arrested less than 24 hours after the shooting.

In response to Gaylin’s death, the community of Scottsdene (where the incident took place) took to the streets on Tuesday, demanding that the gangster does not receive bail.

He appeared in court on Tuesday and the case has been postponed until the 21st of July.

This incident is reminiscent of the killing of little Emaan Solomon earlier this year.

The little 7 year old was playing in her yard when gangsters started shooting on each other, killing the innocent little girl.

The community took their rage out on the drug dealers, burning down several drug houses and forcing the murderer to hand himself over to the police.

Ocean View has been relatively calmer since the drug houses got burnt down.

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