Court Finds in Favour of Mayor de Lille, Finds the DA Acted Illegally

In a full bench of the Western Cape High Court, judges have unanimously found in favour of Mayor Patricia de Lille and declared the termination of her DA membership to be illegal.

This effectively means that she will continue to remain the Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

The judges found that the DA failed to follow its own procedures when they terminated Mayor de Lille’s membership.

They stated that for the DA to remove Mayor de Lille as a member, the matter would have to be heard by a panel of competently trained and skilled members.

The panel should hear all the facts, make recommendations, and send these recommendations to the DA leadership, who will then make a decision on whether a member should be expelled.

The court’s decision to find in favour of Mayor de Lille is based on two observations.

The first is that the DA failed to follow its own procedures and constituted a panel that was made of members that were not competently trained and skilled.

The second is that the DA failed to provide Mayor de Lille with the opportunity to defend herself against the accusations that led to her membership being terminated.

The DA’s Natasha Mazzone, speaking on behalf of the DA, said that the DA will appeal the decision.

In recent months, the DA has been trying to remove Mayor de Lille from her position, and replace her with Ian Neilson.

It is speculated that this is due to her opposition to the financially irresponsible decision to build desalination plants instead of choosing more financially feasible options.

The DA has said that their decision to remove her as Mayor is as a result of corruption, but has failed to provide evidence of this corruption.

Mayor de Lille has said that she will be approaching the court to force the DA to provide the evidence that they claim proves that she is corrupt.


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