Dr Alexander Speaks Against Lifting Alcohol Ban, Makes COVID Situation Worse for Healthcare Workers

After seeing a massive rise in trauma cases and the effect it has had on healthcare workers, medical doctor, Dr Kim Alexander decided to make and post a video in which she explains why lifting the alcohol ban was a bad idea.

She begins by stating that she understands that the economy has been suffering, but also adds that “essential healthcare workers” also had to suffer and make substantial personal and professional sacrifices.

She points out that dedicated healthcare workers gave up their leave so that they could make themselves available for the influx of COVID cases.

In order to avoid infecting their loved ones, they had to leave their kids with relatives and distance themselves from their elders, especially those suffering from health conditions that make them most susceptible to COVID.

There were also some days where they had no visors, no masks and when they had masks, they had to use it for the whole week.

However, despite the multitude of problems they were facing, the alcohol ban had virtually eradicated the number of trauma cases they were facing.

Dr Alexander then states that, regardless of everything they had sacrificed, they are now being rewarded with an extreme rise in Trauma cases, which is rapidly reducing the number of beds available for COVID cases.

She states that her words does not come “from a place of judgement” but asserts that South Africans do not seem to know how to behave when they consume alcohol.

When they get drunk, South Africans beat each other, throw each other with beer bottles, throw each into the fire and fight over that last glass of castle.

If you want to see the full video, check it out below:

A frontline perspective: consequences of lifting the alcohol ban.

"We've made real sacrifices in our personal and professional lives…infection rates are rising and the government decide's to lift the alcohol ban. In the past few months we have seen the lowest amount of trauma that our hospitals have ever seen. Today there were multiple people that needed to be stitched. On top of the multiple people that needed to be managed and referred and isolated for Covid." Dr Kim Alexander (Western Cape)

Posted by The ICSP Guide on Wednesday, 3 June 2020


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