Early B Wins Ghoema Award for Best Hip-Hop Single

Congratulations to 28 year old Earl Swartz, best known as Early B, for winning the Ghoema award for best hip-hop single. He received the award for the track, ‘Bene Lam’ (see video below), and was also nominated for a second track, ‘Cerebellum’. The Ghoema Awards aims to honour and support the most talented artists within the Afrikaans music industry.

Born and raised in Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth, the young rapper jokes that he felt ‘gevaarlik’ when he was nominated and now that he won the award, he feels that he is ‘gevaarlik’. On a more serious note, he confesses that he was shocked and bewildered when he heard he had won. It was especially unexpected given that he was nominated alongside established rappers that he admired and listened to, which include Hemelbesem, Jerome Rex en Linkris.. He had wanted to deliver a speech thanking his sister, Rochelle, for supporting him and being his manager but he was so bewildered that he forgot to give a speech.

Earl is serious about what he does and it shows by hard he works to perfect his craft, but he is also a fun loving guy. ‘Bene Lam’ showcases both sides of what makes up the artist known as, ‘Early B’. It is a song about having fun but it also showcases his work ethic through the quality of both the single and the music video. He had teamed up with Port Elizabeth’s best dance crew to film some incredibly innovative dance moves.
Earl is also serious about motivating young people to become the best that they can be. He feels strongly that young people within our communities should aim for awards rather than going for the nearest knife or gun.

Now that he is an award winning rapper, he says that he does not have time to develop a huge ego. Being a hardworker, it is back to the studio and stage where he aims to improve on what is an already incredible rapping talent.

See below for the video for, ‘Bene Lam’: