Elsies River Marches in Remembrance of Courtney Pieters

As reported by EWN, hundreds Elsies River community members have come together in a march in remembrance of 3 year old Courtney Pieters. Little Courtney went missing on Thursday and in a heartbreaking turn of events, was found buried in a shallow grave yesterday.

Emotional residents, speaking to EWN, stated that they are outraged by what happened to little Courtney. Resident, Anna van Wyk, had to fight back the tears as she explained that she has to pass the spot where Courtney was found, on her way to work. She could not understand why anyone would murder a child so viciously.

The police released a statement to confirm that they have arrested a 40 year old man alleged to have committed the horrendous crime. By early afternoon, a picture was circulating on Facebook which purported to be a picture of the suspect. Members of the community have called on the police to hand over the suspect to the community.

The Elsies River community have called on parents to make sure that their kids are safe. Gender activist have also called on South Africans to act to stop the violence against women and children. Since last week, the hashtag, #menaretrash has been trending on social media to highlight the fact that women have to live in constant fear of being attacked by men. The hashtag has divided opinion with some saying that it should make men aware that they have role to play in stopping the violence, and others saying that it paints all men, including the good ones, with the same brush.

Watch the EWN video below: