Enrico Violently Assaulted in Another Racist Langebaan Incident

Enrico after the assault with his bloody clothing on the right

When Enrico Albertus took his sons to a restaurant for some lunch, little did he know that he would be assaulted for the crime of being Coloured.

In a social media post, Enrico states that he had taken his sons to the Wunderbar Café &Bar restaurant opposite from where he was renting accommodation.

He alleges that after enjoying a few drinks and cooldrinks, he had random insults thrown at him from the white customers, who did not like his ‘behaviour’.

After he stood to tell that they won’t speak to him like that, the rest of the restaurant, all white, treated him as if he was in the wrong.

After a slight altercation between him and two of the men that insulted him, he decided that it was not worth it and got up to leave.

Enrico alleges that as he walked down the stairs, the last thing he remembers is getting knocked against the head from behind.

After regaining consciousness and covered in blood, he heard and saw the perpetrators laughing as they got into their cars and drove off.

Enrico says that according to his boys, someone got him from behind, pulled him to the ground where he found himself getting kicked in the face by 4 to 5 guys.

The assault resulted in Enrico having to spend the night at the hospital.

He sustained a blue swollen eye, broken nose, a fractured facial bone that needs to be reconstructed by means of surgery and both his lips needed stitches.

After laying a charge at the local police station, he visited the restaurant with the police, only to be met with contempt.

Enrico alleges that the owner blamed his ‘behaviour’ for the assault.

Enrico then asked the owner, “Does anything justify me looking like this?”, to which the owner promptly responded with a confident ‘Yes’.

Enrico did manage to recover video evidence of the altercation as well as the licence plate numbers of the perpetrators.

Enrico says that he cannot imagine why anyone would be so hateful that they would act in such a barbaric way towards another human being.

He is especially angry at the trauma the perpetrators caused his kids.

He called them cowards who cannot face an opponent head on, rather choosing to come from behind.

He further stated that he would never set his foot in that restaurant again, suggesting that it is a place that encourages an all-white atmosphere.

As noted by someone commenting on Enrico’s social media post, the sign at the front of the restaurant only include white faces, suggesting an atmosphere created to attract a white crowd.

Enrico says that the circle of friends that he hangs out with is diverse so he will never stereotype anyone and won’t allow himself to attack a man based on skin colour.

He advised the perpetrators to socialise with members of all races so that they can “stop poisoning the younger generation” with their “racist illness”.

He also says that he tries to live by the teachings of the bible which states that although you must forgive, you must not forget, implying that seeking justice is a priority.

Langebaan has of late, become synonymous with racist assaults on Coloureds.

This is especially true of Springbok and Toulon rugby player, Eben Etzebeth, who is the subject of a charge of a vicious and racist assault on a Coloured man.

It is alleged that Etzebeth and his companions pointed a gun at him and those accompanying him, swore at them(specifically, “jou ma se p**s”), and asked them, ‘Hotnots wat soek julle nog op die straat?’ (Hotnots, what are you still doing on the streets?).

The rugby establishment has generally defended Etzebeth, with the post 94 South African Rugby Union paying a judge to state in a report, that Etzebeth is innocent of all charges.

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