Granville Beats Cancer, One Race at a Time

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 and suffering kidney failure as a result, 49 year old Granville Skippers is not about to give up on life. He has already competed in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 19 times and had it not been for the fierce Cape winds, he would have competed in his 20th tour this year.

Despite his courageous determination to beat Cancer, Granville has had to change his routine to fit into what he terms, ‘the new normal’. For the father of three, the new normal is not about giving in to cancer, but about accepting the reality of the effect that it had on his body and adapting himself to carry on living his life to the fullest.
“Things may not be back to ‘normal’ but I embraced the ‘new normal’ once the doctors identified it and once I physically and mentally identified it and we carry on from the new normal. Once you’ve accepted that and win that battle in your mind, you’ve basically won that chapter in the race,” says Granville.

Part of the new normal is to adapt your training regime to accommodate the changes to the body.
“I have hormone treatment to keep my testosterone levels on zero and because of that I have to supplement energy by going to the gym and build some muscle and try to do my best to ride at the pace that I am most comfortable with,” Skippers said about his training regime.
When racing, he also has to change his strategy by making more stops on the way to stay hydrated at all times.

Granville encouraged all men to go for regular prostate check-ups for any signs of cancer.“I went in 2010 and five years later I was already stage four. Had I gone every year we might have picked this up earlier. It is important to check, not only for your health, but your family’s sake.”

Granville says that by getting back on his bike, he is proving to himself that he has beaten the Cancer.

Source: IOL (edited from an article written by Leletu Gxuluwe)