Highly Segregated Fish Hoek Wants to Get Rid of Coloured Owned Business

Some of the residents of Fish Hoek have started a petition in a bid to get rid of the “Galley Restaurant”, accusing it of offering “appalling service” and stifling competition.

The owner of the restaurant, Mathea Eichel, have hit back, accusing the petitioners of targeting her because she is Coloured.

As reported on by ‘Cape Town Etc’, the petition alleges that the restaurant is a monopoly that stops other business from “offering healthy competition” and suggests that it has a negative impact on the standards of the area.

It stated that Fish Hoek residents “want better options” and that they will “take action, one way or another”.

Mathea, says that she started the business using her life savings and have been contributing to the community since 1987, which include starting two creches.

She says however that there has been discontentment among some of the locals who are not happy that a Coloured person is operating a business in the area.

It would also not be unreasonable to assume that the motives of the persons that instigated the backlash against the Galley Restaurant are driven by a desire to own the Galley’s profitable location.

The business could best be described as being located on a sought after, prime location, with a perfect view of the beach along which it is situated.

The situation is further complicated by the areas problematic past and its current demographics.

It was originally home to the indigenous San before having their land and livelihood taken with the arrival of the Dutch in the late 1600s.

The descendants of the San continued living in the area, before being driven out by Apartheid’s Group Areas Act, and relocated to Coloured designated areas such as Ocean View.

The legacy of apartheid continues to be evident, with Fish Hoek being considered to be one of the most racially segregated areas in Cape Town.

It would seem that history is being repeated and a descendant of the indigenous peoples is once again facing the prospect of being forced to relocate.

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