How Does the Petrol Price of South Africa Compare with Other Countries?

For those of us having to endure the pain of spending more on petrol, it might come as relief that we are not the most expensive country in the world when it comes to the price of petrol.

The bad news however is that, compared to the least expensive countries, at R15.79, we pay considerably more.

The average price of petrol around the world stands at R15.04 and out of the 167 countries, we are the 97th most expensive country.

Across the border in Botswana, the price of petrol is R10.53 a litre. In Namibia it’s R11.69, R11.67 in Lesotho and  R12.78 in Swaziland.

The least expensive country is Venezuela which charges R0.13 a litre. However, Venezuela subsidises its petrol, which means that its government pays for some of the fuel that motorists use.

In South Africa however, we do not get subsidies. We pay the full cost of the petrol price as well as paying taxes at the pump. We pay a total of R5.30 a litre for the General Fuel Levy and the Road Accident Fund.

The good news is that we pay just below half as much as the most expensive countries, with Iceland’s motorists paying a whopping R27.64 a litre.

Below are the lists of the most expensive countries and the least expensive countries.


The Most Expensive Countries:

Finland – R23.52

Portugal – R24.04

Denmark – R24.55

Monaco – R24.68

Italy – R24.68

Greece – R24.81

Netherlands – R25.32

Norway – R26.35

Hong Kong – R27.25

Iceland – R27.64


The Least Expensive Countries:

Venezuela – R0.13

Iran – R3.60

Sudan – R4.37

Kuwait – R4.50

Algeria – R4.63

Egypt – R4.67

Ecuador – R5.01

Nigeria – R5.40

Turkmenistan – R5.53

Syria – R5.66