Is Craig Lucas’ Latest Single, Happy, This Year’s Saddest Song?

Releasing his latest single, Happy, Craig Lucas has seemingly decided to compete with Adele for the saddest song on the planet.

Titled, Happy, the song starts off with the rather tear-inducing lyrics, “I want you to be happy, Even if it’s not with me”.

It then plunges into the depths of what it feels to completely in love with another human and asking if it is enough.

The song concludes that he really does not want to say goodbye and that he will “be better now”.

One commentator stated that “t relates to what I’m currently going through” and another saying that “This song awakens the emotions I want to forget about”.

Referring to the heart-wrenching lyrics, another jokingly asked, “Who is cutting onions in here”.

Additional comments included, I “cried snot and tears like a baby” and ‘the words attacked my soul’.

Of the song, Craig said that he has always struggled to “with the concept of happiness” and has always lived with this “underlying feeling of either sadness”.

When he does experience happiness however, he tries “to hold on to those peaceful, joyful moments for as long as I can.”

He says that releasing “this song is one of those moments”.

If you want to watch the music video, see below:

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