Kleinmond’s ‘Karen’ Tell Coloured Vendors, “We’ll Move You Out”, Goes Insane

The sleepy seaside town of Kleinmond has been rocked by what has been described as “blatant racism”.

A video appeared on the internet in which vendors, Shihaam and Farraj Domingo, were harassed and threatened by local business owners.

The Domingo couple owns and operates a fully licensed, roadside fruit and veg stall.

The video shows a white man sitting in a bakkie opposite the stall, telling Shihaam that “we will move you out”.

A white lady (presumably the man’s wife) then comes into focus, standing close to the vendors, moving around as if she is in a manic state.

She then proceeds to hysterically agree with her husband that “we’ll move you out, all of you”, adding that “you don’t deserve to be here”.

The women then lunge at Shihaam, who had been filming, trying to grab her phone and in the process, making what can be described as an ‘animalistic’ and ‘demented’ noise.

The woman then gets back into the bakkie which pulls away, Shihaam continuing to film.

Shihaam and Farraj had opened the fruit and veg stall after the COVID crisis led them to lose their source of income within the theatre industry.

They applied for a license (which was approved) and quickly established a reputation for supplying the freshest produce in the area.

They had however started experiencing harassing behaviour from day one, with strange persons coming by to take pictures and notes of their stall.

Luckily for Shihaam and Farraj however, they have been flooded with support with friends, family and South Africans, in general, visiting their stall.

Of course, social media did not disappoint, showing their support with some colourful commentary.

Compared to Vicky Momberg and Penny Sparrow, the hysterical woman was referred to as a ‘Karen, a term generally used in the US to describe white women who are racist, entitled, violently aggressive and complains about everything.

Others have jokingly suggested she is quite possibly ‘high on tik’.

There were those that got a bit more serious, describing the Karen and her husband as a virus that should get their citizenship revoked.

The Domingos has been advised to press charges and it has been confirmed that they have done so.

In the meantime, they continue to sell the freshest produce in the market while expanding their range to include delicious Koeksisters, Samoosas and Bollas.

They have also begun providing fresh produce to the local restaurants in the area, some of whom include white business owners who are most definitely, not Karens.

In addition, they have also teamed up with some local celebs, including Grandmaster DJ Ready D, to help distribute fresh foods to poorer households.

It is safe to say that no matter how loud the Karens of this world screeches, the Domingos won’t be moving out anytime soon.

If you want to see the video, you can do so below:

We just got screamed at by a white woman telling us to leave “their” town and the white man driving her said that if we don’t go they will move us out!!!!! What the actual F! I added the video now. You can hear the man saying “We will move you out” then the female says yes we will move you out you don’t deserve to be hear this is our little town “

Posted by Shihaam Domingo on Saturday, 13 June 2020