Mayor de Lille Won’t Be Pushed Around by the “Baas”

On Thursday, during a sitting of the Council, the DA voted to have Mayor Patricia de Lille stripped of her executive powers.

The move has however been criticised by various political parties as unconstitutional.

A councillor from the opposition has stated that he would be laying criminal charges against the DA councillors that voted in favour of the illegal decision.

The DA has also been criticised for the “disrespectful” behaviour when some of their councillors turned their backs on the Mayor during her speech to council.

One of the DA councillors that turned his back was Angus McKenzie. McKenzie had tabled the, 25 April, motion of no confidence on behalf of the Ian Neilson/J.P. Smith faction.

In a statement released after yesterday’s council sitting, Mayor de Lille indicated that she would not be dictated to by the “baas” and that she would go to where she is needed.

She has also said that she will take the matter to court.

The Full Statement by Mayor de Lille reads as follows:

“After all these months, I have not been found guilty of any charge either through a disciplinary or anything.

I have only had the court finding in my favour on all the matters I took to court so there is no justification for why the DA bosses are doing this.

They have not given any reasons for why they are doing this and they are implementing these changes without consulting me.

Service delivery takes place in the communities and not in boardrooms. This will have a severe impact on service delivery.

The baaskap mentality has gone to such depths that this latest move feels like carrying a passbook. I now have to ask the baas first whether I can do anything or go anywhere.

I reserve my rights and I will continue to go wherever communities invite me.”