Netball Powerhouse, Jo Prins, wins ‘Woman in Social Media’ Award

Jo Prins, who has become a legend in the growing world of Netball, has won the ‘Woman in Social Media’ at the 2020 Momentum Gsport Awards on Monday night.

The awards form part of the ‘gsport4girls’ initiative, which was launched in 2006 with the goal of covering the daily sporting achievements of women.

The award itself aims to identify the female sportspersons who have contributed significantly to sports in general.

More specifically, the ‘social media’ award is given to “a woman who creates powerful online content about SA women in sport and demonstrates a convincing edge using Social Media”.

With a growing social media presence and brands knocking at her door for endorsements, it is most certainly the case that Jo is an emerging powerhouse in the world of ‘Influencer’ media.

She is also the recipient of several other awards which include the Cape Winelands ‘Netball Player of the Year’ award and the Stellenbosch University’s ‘Sportswoman of the Year’ award.

She also qualified for the under-21 South African Netball team and joined the Protea squad.

Last year, she completed her education degree at Stellenbosch University and hopes to go into teaching at some point, although it may be a while before she enters a classroom.

Right now, the midfielder is concentrating on making it to the World Cup in 2023 and since having signed up with a modelling agency, make a bit of money in the fashion world.

She is also committed to increasing the visibility of women in sport and hopes to inspire young female athletes to be the best that they can be.