Offensive Advert Stereotyping Coloureds Taken Off Air

After the public outcry that followed the release of an advert stereotyping Coloureds, the Western Cape’s Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant, was forced to remove the advert.

The advert, which was aimed at reducing the number of drunk driving road deaths, showed Coloured men getting drunk, cocking their guns and being violently aggressive.

Since the release of the advert, debates have been raging across social media platforms with the overwhelming majority of Coloureds being vehemently opposed to the advert.

CK ran a poll which asked readers whether or not they found the advert to be an insult to Coloureds.

84% voted yes (the advert is an insult) whereas 16% voted No (the advert is not an insult).

In addition, the overwhelming majority of readers commenting on the Facebook page agreed that the advert was offensive.

Readers described the advert as a “disgusting stereotype” that romanticizes gangsterism and sends the wrong message to kids.

It was also suggested that the entertainment and advertising industry intentionally perpetuates these stereotypes with one user saying that Coloureds are portrayed as either “gangsters, wife beaters, thieves or aggressive”.

Another user stated that we need to write our own narrative that paints a more accurate picture instead of letting ourselves be objects of ridicule.

Those that supported the advert generally felt that the advert gives an accurate portrayal of what is happening in our communities.

Hip-Hop artists and activist, Emile Jansen, also registered his opposition to the advert in an IOL interview and the Chief Whip in the City Cape Town, Shaun August, wrote a letter to state that the advert is offensive and must be removed.

Despite having commissioned and approved the advert, Donald Grant refused to comment.

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