Patricia de Lille’s Case Postponed, Writes Open Letter to ‘Defamatory’ Mazzone

On Thursday, Mayor Patricia de Lillle approached the Western Cape High Court to force the DA to hand over evidence that allegedly finds her guilty of maladministration. The court has however postponed the matter to November 1.

In several attempts to have her removed as Cape Town mayor, the DA have cited these allegations of maladministration without having produced any evidence.

Natasha Mazzone, speaking on behalf of the DA, has repeated these allegations through the media and through the DA’s twitter accounts.

Mayor de Lille has however written an open letter to Mazzone, accusing her of repeating false allegations without any evidence.

In the letter, Mayor de Lille confirmed that she had been asking for the past 7 months for evidence to the allegation that she ““breached the Code of Conduct for Councillors”.

She has, up to the time of writing, not been provided with any evidence substantiating these allegations.

The Mayor also stated that she there has not been not “a single corruption charge” against her, despite Mazzone claiming that there are corruption charges.

Mazzone also implied that Mayor de Lille was racist for allegedly attacking a senior black manager.

This allegation provides no context other than to suggest that Mayor de Lille is a Coloured, therefore she must be racist.

In a problematic development for the DA however, black Twitter users have come to the Mayor’s defense, accusing the DA of trying to charge her through a court of public opinion.

Finally, Mazzone accused the Mayor of refusing to cooperate with the internal DA investigation conducted by the Bowman’s legal group.

However, Mayor de Lille again confirmed that Mazzone had lied and that she had in fact, cooperated, meeting with Bowman’s on three occasions.

The Bowman’s report however is known to be riddled with errors and inaccuracies, placing in question the nature of the relationship between the DA and Bowman’s.

In concluding her letter, The Mayor suggested that Mazzone should refrain from forcibly acting as the DA’s unofficial spokesperson and let its actual spokesperson, Solly Malatsi, do his job.

Mayor de Lille also confirmed that she is preparing a civil suit of defamation against the DA.

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