Pep Accused of Risking Lives of Workers in Potential Covid Outbreak

According to a News24 article, workers at a Pep Factory in Cape Town have downed their tools and walked out in protest action against the lack of concern for a Covid outbreak.

The workers at the Parow factory have alleged that despite several workers having tested positive for Covid, the company refuses to spend money on sending them to the doctor.

Instead, if the workers show signs of being ill, they “chased” home and demeaned by being asked if they ‘want to infect the whole building’.

and no testing is done on the remaining workers to ensure that the virus does not spread.

Worse yet, the company have also refused to spend money on sanitising the workplace, opting to risk the health and lives of the more than 2000 workers.

According to the medical studies, the Coronavirus can stay on surfaces for several days and infect multiple persons within a confined space.

Pep claimed that it has health protocols in place and that it has sent home only one worker, asking her to have herself tested.

It further admitted that it is not aware of the person’s status and have seemingly not attempted to obtain the results of her test.

In addition, they have also admitted to sending home the 3 other workers, telling them to get themselves tested and making no attempt to find out the results of those tests.

They have also admitted that they have been aware of four positive cases.