Stacey is New Face of Converse: The Tales of a Spinning Queen Part 2

For Stacey-Lee May, spinning cars started out as a father’s attempt to build his daughter’s self-esteem. He did not know at the time that his confidence building exercise would turn his law student daughter into a star.

This past month, Converse released a commercial featuring some of the most incredible up and coming young women in the country. Eldorado Park’s Stacey-Lee is one of those women. The commercial shows the young spinner talking about why she got into spinning as well as clips of her doing her daredevil routine in her now-famous pink BMW.

Now, this isn’t her only major achievement for the year. She was thus far part of an international spinning event, appeared in another commercial, appeared in 2 music videos, and BMW has basically made her a VIP.

Last year she was invited to be part of Ken Block’s Gymkhana event which was held in South Africa at Carnival City Casino and Entertainment World. With 550 million views on Youtube, Ken Block’s Gymkhana is the worlds most watched spinning and drifting spectacle. Stacey was personally invited by its owner, Ken Block, and she is the first female in Africa to be part of the event.

BMW also invited her last year to show off her driving skills at the Festival of Motoring. The motor car company asked her to return for this year’s event and they invited her to the M Festival. The M festival is an event held by BMW where it showcases its latest M-Models as well giving sneak previews of upcoming models.

In the music video category, she was asked by the top UK band, Rudimental, to be part of their music video for their single, Let Me Live. In it, she features as the ‘cool as ice’ spinner (her BMW features as always) and the single has already racked up 13 million views on Youtube. She has also appeared in Thsego’s music video for his single, The Vibe, which also featured Cassper Nyovest. And yes, she once again plays the BMW driving ‘cool as ice’ driver.

Lastly, she did not exactly feature in a commercial. Instead, she was the driver of one of its stars, her pink BMW. The Edgars commercial centred on strong women and her ‘Beemer’ has taken on a life of its own as an iconic symbol of women empowerment.

Nobody knows what the future looks like and when Stacey’s dad placed her behind the wheel, neither did he. However, it is safe to say that the future for this young spinner, looks rather bright.

Note: You can check out the Converse ad on our Instagram account.


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