Top 5 Most Read Stories of 2018

Ever year, we publish a list of our top 5 most read stories, and 2018 is no different. Do yourself a favour and find your 2019 inspiration by reading these stories. And when you’re done, enjoy the holiday season with the knowledge that miracles is just a matter of sheer will and perseverance (Click on the pictures for the full story).

Number 5

From the time she started her academic journey, Dr Shandré Jansen van Rensburg wanted to complete a PhD by the age of 30. However, the cum laude overachiever exceeded her own expectations when, by the age of 28, she became UNISA’s youngest female PhD graduate.

Introducing UNISA’s Youngest Female PhD Graduate, Dr Shandré Jansen van Rensburg

Number 4

It is hard to imagine that when the Eastern Cape’s, Nitiksha Wesley, applied for bursaries to study medicine, all her applications were rejected. Her marks simply weren’t good enough. What makes this story particularly interesting is that 7 years later, the medical student completed her mbchb degree and graduated with an overall ‘A’ aggregate, cum laude.

Nitiksha Graduates With Medical Degree, Cum Laude

Number 3

Anton Fransch could best be described as a mystery. He was a sweet, kind and gentle boy who loved life and was deeply loved by everyone who knew him. He was also a hardened guerrilla soldier who sacrificed his life at the age of 20, by single-handedly taking on a small army of apartheid soldiers.

Anton Fransch and the Battle of Athlone: The Death of a Soldier

Number 2:

When Caledon’s Ashwin Willemse was a teenager, he saw no real future for himself. He was a poor kid living in a single parent home and the only future for him was the violence and poverty that surrounded him. However, there was always something that shone bright within him, and it is that brightness that saw the Wits University student escape poverty, become a celebrated rugby player and graduate with a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation, cum laude.

Ashwin to Graduate Masters, Cum Laude

AND…. Number 1

The story goes like this. Some gangsters were bothering Principal Henry Alexander’s learners and he told them to stop. One of the gangsters felt disrespected and put out a hit on him. Now, the thing about Principal Alexander is that he is the stereotypical tough guy. He does not smile a lot, he will punch back hard if you throw a punch at him, and his nickname is, ‘The Bull’. When he heard about the hit, instead of going into hiding, he got up one morning, put on his suit, went to the gangsters house, opened the door, went to the bedroom where the gangster was asleep, sat himself down on a chair, and waited. When the gangster woke up, he found the principal hovering over him, warning him that if he bothers the learners again, bad things will happen to him. The rest, as they say, is history.

How Principal Alexander Got a 99% Pass Rate


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