Touwsrivier’s De Kruine High School Scores 96% Matric Pass Rate

Touwsrivier is a rural town of less than 7000 people and if its matric results are anything to go by, then this small town has a massive future ahead of it.

The town’s high school, De Kruine Secondary, managed to score a formidable 96% matric pass rate, a significant improvement over its 74% pass rate in 2018.

Not only that, but it has a 100% pass rate in accountancy and has continued to improve on the mathematics front.

The school says that its results are as a result of community support and the commitment of both the teachers and learners.

It also has programmes in place to ensure that the learners, who generally come from struggling homes, are able to perform to the best of their abilities.

Some of the programmes include both winter and spring schools as well as weekend camps where the learners socialise and help each other.

It also implemented interventionist programmes to directly deal with improving its mathematics and science marks.

In addition, the school participates in athletics and rugby, and its learners are socially conscious, having recently participated in protests against the violence perpetrated against women.

The school does however have its problems and would like to encourage more parents to attend school meetings and functions.

The learners also had to deal with multiple protests from community members who demanded better service delivery.

Despite their problems, the learners of De Kruine have made their community proud and a proud community can only continue to gain in strength.

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