Wayde Smiles and Chats With Opponent While Winning 200m Qualifier

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Remember that time when Wayde van Niekerk smiled, laughed and chatted with his opponent while winning his race? That just happened.

After smashing the South African 200m record earlier this year, Wayde is once again on a roll after taking the lead in his heats qualifier at the IAAF World Championships.

He faced a challenge from Britain’s Daniel Talbot, but still managed to jog the last 50m to the finish line with a time of 20.16 seconds, beating Talbot by 0.001 seconds. He even managed to have a chat and share a joke with Talbot on his way to the finish line.

Wayde is aiming to take double gold in the 200m and 400m, something that is also being attempted by his fiercest 200m rival, Botswana’s Isaac Makwala. The last person to take a 200/400m double gold was Michael Johnson at the World Championships in 1995.

The 200m semi-final will take place on Wednesday evening at 21:55. You can also catch him in the 400m final tomorrow evening at 22:50.