Western Cape Healthcare System on the Verge of Collapse

A GroundUp article has suggested that the Western Cape medical system might be on the verge of collapse.

Speaking to the publication, sources have confirmed that “the number of Covid-19 patients at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town is doubling every five days” and if something is not done, “the hospital will not be able to cope unless something is done”.

In addition, the number of patients testing positive is doubling every five days and the proportion of suspected cases is testing positive at a rapidly increasing rate.

Adding further strain to the hospital, some doctors aren’t showing up for work because they tested positive for Covid while others are suffering from severe burnout.

There are those doctors however who are too afraid to work with Covid patients.

While Groote Schuur still has to reach its capacity, many other hospitals have already run out of beds including Mitchells Plain and Tygerberg.

To add to Groote Schuur’s woes, they are expected to receive many more patients from Mitchells Plain over the weekend.

The DA’s Allen Winde administration, which runs the province’s hospitals, has lurched from one disaster to the next.

They initially refused to limit the number of tourists into Cape Town’s residential Bo-Kaap despite resident’s urging them to do so, potentially fuelling the rapid spread.

As a result, areas such as Cape Town have reported more than 60% of South Africa’s Covid cases, as well as 80% of Covid deaths.

In addition, despite making up only 0.001% of Africa, Cape Town has more than 10% of Africa’s Covid Cases.

Winde’s administration has suggested relying on the private sector medical industry.

The research however indicates that this strategy will end in an explosion of Covid cases and an increase in wasted expenditure.

The private sector is only able to service less than 10% of the population and given the number of private hospital shutdowns, it is also evident that they cannot cope with major medical disasters.

It is also the case that the United States’ inability to cope with its Covid outbreak is largely attributed to its privatised healthcare system.

The countries that have brought their Covid cases under control, all have some form of a National Health Insurance system.