Winter Adds 735 Billions Litres of Water to Western Cape Water Supply

Theewaterskloof Dam

The winter season has brought some relief to the Western Cape, adding a total of 735 billion litres to its total water supply.

Taking into consideration past water trends, this means that the Western Cape can look forward to having a healthy supply of water for up to 5 years.

However, the rainfalls were still below average, which means that the Western Cape is not out of drought territory yet.

It is advised that everybody continues saving water so that we do not end up in another Day Zero scenario.

It also means that the province can explore more cost effective ways of securing the water supply instead of relying in financially disastrous projects like the desalination plants.

As a comparison, the current desalination plants in Cape Town, which was built at a cost of almost R1 billion, will take more than 3000 years to produce 735 billion litres of water.

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