‘Aunty Sandra’ Gets Kids to Safety

After working for most of her life, a retired Sandra Fransman felt bored and frustrated. Tired of sitting at home all day, she decided to apply for the position of crossing guard and she got the job. After seven years of making sure that the learners of Blue Downs get to school safely, she is still not ready to retire.

Sandra, who has been at the crossing since 2010, formerly worked at hospitals before retiring. “I was bored at home and I wanted to do something,” says Sandra. “That was when I decided to apply for the job of traffic attendant.”

Every weekday, Sandra can be found at the pedestrian crossing on Blue Downs Way making sure that the learners from Tuscany Glen Primary School and Tuscany Glen High School make it safely across the busy road.

She describes the children as “very sweet”. “I drive a yellow bakkie and if the children don’t see it parked close by, they will ask: ‘Aunty Sandra, where’s the bakkie?’”

She says she enjoys her job, as it affords her the opportunity to get to know all the children. “I know most of the names of the learners, and many of the primary school learners who have now gone to high school will come and show me their new uniforms at the beginning of the year,” she says with a chuckle.

In a fond memory she describes how she was once busy tying her shoelace while children were waiting to cross the road. “The driver of a vehicle got out to tell the learners that they could cross over, but instead the kids replied: ‘No, we are waiting for Aunty Sandra,’” she laughs.

Although she does not want to retire, she will be forced to because the traffic department does not employ people beyond the age of 70. She describes herself as “still very healthy and full of life,” so come rain or shine, for the next 4 years you will find a lively Sandra Fransman helping the learners cross the road to safety.

Source: www.netwerk24.com (Edited from an article written by Jay-Dee Cyster)