Blitz Chess – Making a Few Quick Moves

by Astrid Februarie

Several dedicated and excited chess players challenged each other during the Western Province Blitz Festival over the weekend in Elsies River.

Dr Deon Solomons, president of WP Chess, says blitz chess is all instant action and fast-forward play with last-minute stamina which helps the players reach their goal – winning.

“The game is played among people who have the will to win and the champion is the one who has the most desire,” he says.

The festival took place in Riverton Estate at the Robin Hood Crèche with 79 individual chess players ready to get into the game.

There were also 16 teams who came from as far as Worcester.

Local clubs included the Ravensmead Chess Club, the Elsies River Chess Club, the John Ramsey Chess Players as well as the Cape Town and Mitchell’s Plain chess clubs.

At the venue where the festival was held, you could hear a pin drop during each session as players concentrated on their games, only glancing at their opponents before making their next move.

“When watching the blitz games it’s easy to miss a move as the players are quick and thinking on their feet,” Solomons says.

He adds it was great to have so many experienced chess players under one roof, because they can all learn from each other and develop there skills.

“Chess develops concentration, focus, a sense of danger, calculated risk and thinking on your feet,” he says.

He believes it helps young people become astute and more disciplined.

“The game brings people from all walks of life together and although its more of an individual sport they interact well and also help each other,” he says.

In Picture: Euclides Koester from Elsies River playing against Esau Selomane from Rosebank.

Source: Netwerk24