Celebrating the Bravery of Female Crime Fighters

Ruth Kaning, left, Bernadette Blauws, Esther Nichols and Miranda Lawrence were among Women who were treated to breakfast

Risking their lives patrolling the streets of Mitchell’s Plain early in the mornings and late at night, female patrollers have been instrumental in the fight to create a stable, loving and caring family spaces. At a breakfast held for them by the local government, their efforts were celebrated and they were encouraged to continue with their crime fighting efforts.

Strandfontein Community Policing Forum (CPF) chairperson Sandy Schuter said the event was an opportunity to highlight the work that civil society was doing to keep communities safe. She said community policing fulfilled the role law enforcement agencies weren’t able to and were the eyes and ears on the ground.

“We are extremely passionate about bus stop patrols. We mobilise communities to stand closely together. Usually, people standing apart actually makes them victims to preying criminals. We start from as early as 4am. We switch from various hotspots with Strandfontein police. We can’t predict what our day is going to be like.

“We also do victim support counselling whether it is abuse, rape or murder. We have afternoon patrols focusing on children coming from school. Our mandate is to build relations between police and the community to instill trust between these various safety parties,” said Sandy.

The efforts of these crime fighting women are especially important given the spate of murders of women and children in recent weeks. During the breakfast, a candle was lit in memory of those who have fallen prey to abuse, rape, robberies and those who have been killed.

Source: IOL (edited from a story written by Sandiso Phaliso)

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