Dr. Boesak Commemorates the Pain and Dreams of Slaves

For many, the release of the slaves is not important enough to talk about, but we must never forget that our ancestors were once slaves.

Let’s talk about this and commemorate this historical event.

So says church leader and former politician, Dr. Allan Boesak, the speaker at the commemoration of freeing of the slaves in Pniel.

“The slaves own authentic voices are not being heard by you. You do not hear their stories and the time has come for us to embrace our history and know that slavery is a big part of that history,” says Dr. Boesak.

“I’m standing here as a Khoi-San child who will never forget the pain and dreams of slaves, whose footsteps were first found here.”

For those who still wonder where they come from, Dr. Boesak recommends doing the research on your origins.

“Especially to the young people who do not know their history, go and read. These days, there is so much information about slavery so you should not have an excuse.

“I think it is important to also talk about the history, even if it is painful.

“Trust me, the struggle of slaves are far from over – the same ideals, dreams, equality and freedom they fought for is still not a reality.”

The commemoration of the freeing of slaves takes place every year in Pniël.

According to Matthew Cyster, chairman of the Pniel Heritage and Cultural Trust, the commemoration is a very special day for the community.

Source: www.netwerk24.com (translated and edited from an article by By Nadine Williams)