An Introduction to the Karate Masters of the Scottsdene Dojo

Four Karate students at the Scottsdene Jodo have been raking in the medals in all of the competitions they compete in. They are 13 year old Keisha Demas, 10 year old Marcello Witbooi, 10 year old Junay Witbooi, and 11 year old Cassidy Williams. Keisha, Marcello and Junay are from Scottsdene and Cassidy is from Mitchells Plain. They are all members of the Cape Town Unicity-karate Association and members of the Karate Association of the Western Cape.

Cassidy competed in the Karate-Zen South Africa championships where she won two silver medals and in the Karate-Zen South Africa Open and Elite where she won two gold medals. Junay, who is a purple belt, won gold and bronze at the Championships in 2015 and 2016 respectively.Marcello, who is a blue belt, won gold at the championships and a gold and silver at the Open and Elite tournaments. Keisha, who is a brown belt, won bronze at the championships.

Their Sensei, Clarence September, says he is very proud of them. He is particularly proud of the fact that they chose sports instead of being impacted by negative influences.

In Picture: From the left, Keisha Demas, Marcello September (at the back), Cassidy Williams (in front) and Junay Witbooi.

Source: Netwerk24 (edited from an article by Avril Fillies)