Bernadino Heights High Wins Tygerburger Best Newspaper Competition

Bernadino Heights Learners with Wow representatives, Cherel September (left) and Jeneen Wallows (right). In the middle is Tygerburger journalist, Avril Fielies.

Creating a brand new newspaper is not easy. In addition to publishing stories that informs its readers, newspaper editors and journalists also have to apply a level of strategic creativity that will attract an audience and generate an income to keep the business going.

Bernadino Heights High School took first place in a competition to see which school could create the best newspaper. The competition, which is run by Tygerburger in partnership with Stellenbosch University’s ‘Woorde Open Wêrelde’, asked the 7 competing schools to create a brand new newspaper using both their  creative writing skills and newspaper clippings.

Editor, Michelle Linnert, says that the aim of the competition is to get learners to learn more about the industry and to nurture an interest in reading the news. Most of the learners competing are involved in publishing their school newspapers.

The Bernadino Heights learners will receive training in the newspaper’s news office and then collaborate on projects such as the TygerBurger Youth Day edition. The students will write an article for youth day which will be published in the newspaper on the 14th of June.

The learners will also be given training so that can they enter their school newspapers into the ‘Woorde Open Wêrelde’ competition. They also stand a chance to be awarded bursary’s to study at Stellenbosch University.

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