Lavana Primary School Kids Wins Annual Growsmart Interschool Literacy Competition

Congratulations to Sidney Felix (grade 4), Ibrahim Lawrence and Jordaan Davidson (both in grade 6), for winning the annual Growsmart interschool literacy competition. They represented Lavana Primary School in Lavender Hill and each of them won R20000 each.

Teacher, Cheryl Staggie, prepared the learners for this competition and says that the learners had to work after school and even on weekends just to prepare for the competitions. It was a lot of work but the dedication and commitment of the learners made it very easy. She is glad that they came out on top, as they really worked hard.

The competition is a spelling bee where each learner spells words, defines them and uses them in sentences. The competition has four rounds and Staggie says her learners gained confidence with each round. “At first they were very nervous, but they improved with each round. When it came to the finals they were very confident but I think us teachers and parents were more nervous than them. They went there and did their best. This is such a proud moment for us,” she says.

The school principal, André Lamprecht, says this victory just shows that their learners are alive with possibilities and destined for greatness. “A lot of things count against them but it’s moments like these that inspire them – not only them, but other learners as well as the community as a whole. We are very happy and motivated to do more for next year,” he says.