Mateo Wins the Western Cape Spelling Bee Championships

Congratulations to 10 year old, Mateo Joubert, for winning the Western Cape Spelling Bee Championships. The grade 5 pupil will be participating in the national championship finals in Johannesburg.

The little champion from Mitchell’s Plain is described as a whizz in the classroom who has always shown great promise and has a deep love for learning and words. Mateo is a quiet and shy child but his quiet nature helps him to keep his cool during the competitions. He had always scored high during his school’s annual spelling bee competition since he was in grade 2.
This was the first time his school, Imperial Primary School, had entered the national competition. During the Metro South qualifying rounds, Mateo had made it to third place to qualify for the Western Cape finals. Mateo however was not very happy with being placed third and decided that he would work harder to achieve a higher ranking. He of course, achieved first place.

Mateo comes alive when he talks about his dreams for the future. He loves science and he wants to become a scientist. He also lights up when talks about how proud his mother is of him and about the people that supports him. His teacher and spelling coach, Alfonso Smith, says that his mother Yvette is instrumental in Mateo’s success. Yvette also helps to coach Mateo and uses his surroundings to prepare him. Alfonso says that Mateo’s mother works very hard to prepare him and is the best person for the job. He also wants to encourage more teachers to invest in cultivating good spellers.

Good luck to Mateo at the national finals and we are rooting for you to take first place.

Source: News24 (Edited from an article written by Samantha Lee)

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