Matric Week: Emeleo Duister is Top Matriculant in Northern Cape

Congratulations to Emeleo Duister for being named the Northern Cape’s top matriculant. Emeleo, who matriculated from Northern Cape High School, received 7 distinctions and has for the past few years been a consistent top achiever at his school. Emeleo says that the main reason for his performance was the fact that he concentrated on old matric papers. He loves playing soccer, but had to drop all his sporting activities to concentrate on his exams.

Born and raised in the small town of Hartswater in the Northern Cape, Emelio is also a first place prize winner in the Minquiz Science Competition. The prestigious Minquiz competition is held annually and invites all schools to send their top 3 science students to compete against the best science students in the country.

His favourite subjects are physics, accounting, economics and mathematics. He plans on majoring in accounting at the University of Stellenbosch.