Matric Week: Introducing the Talented Ms. Dehandre Kiewets

Congratulations to Elsies River High’s top performing student, Dehandre Kiewets, who received 6 distinctions. Not only is Dehandre a top academic achiever, she was also the head girl and she is the lead vocalist for the Elsies River High School Band.

The band, which has been described as sensational, performed at prestigious events like the 2016 Cape Town International Jazz Festival and the Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble, where they received a standing ovation. They have won the High School Jam Championships and the 2016 Band Slam where they competed in the finals against Bergvliet High and Rondebosch Boys’ High. Dehandre has been described as having the voice of an angel and some have said that she reminds them of a young Whitney Houston.

With a pass rate of 92%, Elsies River High has a rich history of achievement despite the gang violence that surrounds it and the stress of violence that the students have to face on a daily basis. Having consistently had some of the highest pass rates, it produced everything from computer programmers to mathematicians. It is one of the schools that produce the most chartered accountants in the country. Its principle and staff have been praised for their proactive approach to education and their dedication to teaching. Despite not having resources for a music department, not only have they produced an awarding winning jazz band but their choir is also the current national champions in the Afrikaans category.


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