Jennica Beukes Wins

(This was copied from the wall of Jennica Beukes. In the 14 hours since it was posted, it was already shared 1400 times)

by Jennica Beukes

Nobody knows this but I told myself I will keep it to myself until after this day.

I used to attend Tygerberg High, a predominantly white school. During these 2.5 years I had a hard time getting used to the manner coloureds were subjecting themselves to white standards in order to truly consider themselves ‘Tiere’… Me, however… I was different and would always find myself defending who I am and where I come from.

I recall white learners disrespecting a coloured teacher(or maybe she was just standing in for the day I am unsure) and speaking to her as though she’s just another housemaid. I even recall some learners who would speak about black people and referring to them as ‘k*ffers’ as though it is not offensive at all and in some instances ‘hotnots’. I even recall receiving detention merely for speaking with my normal coloured accent and was then given detention on the ground that I was being disrespectful with the way I speak.

But when I had enough was when I was in grade 9 and an old (racist) teacher, Mrs Kleinhans (she also has a daughter who was teaching LO at Tygerberg at the time), informed my very close friend (white) that she should stay away from me unless she would want to end up on the streets the way I would one day. This woman never gave me any lessons nor did she even know me from any side. She merely formed her own conclusions after seeing the colour of my skin. After this I refused to go back to school and my father asked me what happened… But I never told him. Afterwards he just asked me if I want to go to another school upon which I said yes and that was the end of it.

Well, your words obviously stayed with me for a very long time. I am now 24 years old and still recall these events so vividly.

But can someone please tell that RACIST OLD ASS THING that I MADE IT!

I passed my LLB without ever not once failing a single module, finished in record time and obtained 15 distinctions in the process. I made deans list and completed my final year of law with 6 distinctions.

On the streets where???? We were raised by the very same people who fought against you and took back a whole country which you stole from us. Perhaps you didn’t see then what we as non-whites are capable of, but those warriors have raised us and we are strong dedicated beings.

I have equipped myself with the tools and the knowledge to break down each and every racist I will ever encounter in a court one day. But today no court was needed for you, I already won.