Should the Word, Coloured, Be Scrapped? Take the Poll

It was announced yesterday by a group of 20 Khoisan leaders that they had collected 1 million signatures to have the word, Coloured, removed from all official documents. They consider the word to be a derogatory term created in 1950 and does not describe who they are as “proud Khoi descendants.” They want to reinstate their Khoisan identity, rituals and culture.

The Khoisan leaders will be walking 50km a day to various towns where they will have information sessions and discussions with various communities about the word, Coloured and Khiosan identity. They will end their journey in Bisho (Eastern Cape) where they will hand over a memorandum to have, Coloured, scrapped.

Here at CK, we have always held the position that the decision on what to call ourselves should be made by brown people as a whole, and not just by a few. We have generally stayed away from the identity debate because we did not see any kind of viable discussion with regard to Coloured identity, that would warrant for us to take it up as a topic. However, 1 million signatures is an impressive milestone which warrants a discussion, so we will jump into this debate with a simple question: ‘Should the word, Coloured, be Scrapped?’

Take the poll below and let us hear what you have to say by going to our Facebook Page.

Should the word, Coloured, be scrapped?