Chad and Gino’s Company, Wave Innovate, Goes Global

With over 1 million High-End masks sold in South Africa alone, it is safe to say that the company that Chad Marthinussen and Gino Lange started, is a success… again.

Coloured SA previously wrote about the popular duo (Chad the Medical Doctor and Gino the Tech Fundi) and their successful endeavour to build the Wave Innovate Brand.

The company started out by selling a range of electronics which includes their premium media streaming device, Wave Tv, and their range of Wave Smart Watches.

The smartwatch range had already reached ‘sold out’ status and their Wave TV had been voted one of the best streaming devices in South Africa.

However, given their tendency to expand their range of products to where there are new opportunities, the pair had decided to introduce a range of high-end, fashionable masks.

It has already proven exceedingly popular with 1 million already sold in South Africa.

Given that the mask goes for anything from R160 to R890, it is safe to say that this new product has made quite a bit of money.

Of course, some might look at the price and ask, ‘why is it so expensive?’

Well, apart from being a high end product, it is because of the very simple approach taken by Chad and Gino, which is to take something and just make it better.

The mask was designed to be stylish and comfortable, and is the only one to include a five-layered filtered uni-directional valve system.

This just means that with their mask, you are more protected and less likely to breathe in germs.

Chad says that not only are you more protected from the type of germs that makes you more susceptible to Covid, but this winter showed us that masks protect you against colds and flu.

The mask gave Chad the opportunity to use his medical training and start expanding the company into the medical field.

Because of the increasing size of the company and the additional responsibilities, this year, Chad has had to step down from his duties as a medical doctor.

He is now running the company with Gino on a fulltime basis and the mask is part of his plans to use his medical knowledge to expand the company into the medical field.

In fact, the mask is so comfortable, that it was endorsed by Manny Pacquiao’s promotions company, John Riel Casimero (three-time World Bantamweight Champion), Freddie Roach (trainer to Manny Pacquiao), Miguel Cotto (multiple-time world boxing champion) and Amir Khan (light-welterweight world champion).

Of course, these endorsements are also part of Wave Innovate’s global strategy to expand into the key markets of America, Australasia and Asia.

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on their masks, you can check it out at local retailers such as Dis-Chem.

Note: If you want to learn more about Chad and Gino, check out the story we wrote on them and about how they started their business. You can also check out Chad’s wife’s story, who is also a medical doctor and has been at the forefront of fighting the Covid pandemic. See Below:

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