Worcester student wins prestigious scholarship

by Angelo Julies

“You can choose to either remain a victim of your circumstances or rise above it.”

So says the 26-year-old Justine Demas from Victoria Park in Worcester. She recently received a scholarship to study her master’s degree in international development studies in the Czech Republic.

The prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarship was awarded to Justine by the European Union.

“At first I was excited, but now I have mixed feelings, because I do not know what to expect. But I look forward to the challenge. This is a great opportunity, “she says.

Her mother, Nada, is very proud of her daughter. She says, “It was a big surprise and a shock to me. I will miss her because she’s my only child. She deserves it through and through, because she worked hard for it.”

Justine did her undergraduate studies in psychology and French, where she completed her honors degree in social development at the University of the Western Cape.

She was raised by her single mother and completed her schooling at Worcester Gymnasium.

“It is because I was raised by a single mother that I would like to work with young people. And because I do not know my biological father, I want to help and inspire young people like myself,” she said.

Justine is currently in the Czech Republic, where she will study for the next two years.

Source: Netwerk24 (Translated and Edited)