ANC Mayor Encourages Violence Against Coloured ‘Boesmans’

In a video trending on social media, a Free State Mayor, Nkosinjani Speelman, can be heard encouraging soldiers to ‘Skop and Donner’ the Coloureds of Bronville.

In the video, the Matjhabeng Municipality Mayor addresses members of the South African Defence Force who has been deployed to maintain order during the lockdown period.

During this address, he suggests that some of the “Boesmannetjies” of Bronville likes to take chances and says that “when you close them, they get out and drink again”.

He goes on further to encourage the soldiers to “skop and donner” the people which are giving problems and taking chances, namely the Pakistanis, the Nigerians and the Coloureds.

The soldiers can be seen listening attentively and laughing at his jokes.

The remarks, which was generally referred to as racist, inhumane and barbaric, led to a flood of complaints being laid against Speelman at the Human Rights Commission.

The number of complaints was enough to force Speelman to apologise for his remarks, although it is unlikely that this will stop the complaints.

In addition to these comments, Speelman is generally considered to be a failed and controversial mayor.

Under his tenure, service delivery protests have escalated, debt has skyrocketed and the municipality is one of the most wasteful municipal spenders.

He has also been accused of tender fraud and it was hinted at that he had a role in the death of the municipal manager, Thabiso Tsoaeli.

The family of Mr Tsoaeli even went as far as barring Speelman from the funeral.

UPDATE: ANC Suspends ‘Coloureds are Boesmans’ Mayor