Minister Patricia de Lille’s Husband, Edwin, Has Passed Away

Minister de Lille and her husband, Edwin

In a media statement issued on Monday morning, Minister Patricia de Lille announced “with great sadness”, that her husband of 49 years, Edwin de Lille, has died.

It was further revealed that he died on Sunday evening, the 7th of February, but it is not clear what the cause of his death was.

Minister de Lille described Edwin as a “true partner and supporter” always giving her “the freedom to pursue” her work in “serving the country”.

Both she and her son, Alistair de Lille, described him as a “loving father”.

Of their “lifelong partnership”, the Minister stated their “marriage was built on respect”.

“Eddie was a true partner in the sense of the word and never stopped me from following my convictions,” wrote Minister de Lille.

“There was respect and support until his final days and I will miss him dearly.”

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