What Do We Do?

Coloured South Africa is an online magazine that aims to distribute news and information that is relevant to Coloured South Africans. We deliver quality content with a special focus on profiling individuals that is a source of pride within our communities.

Since our launch in February 2017, we have built a strong reputation as a respectable platform that is central in stimulating productive debates through our highly engaged social media presence.

To get started, click on the links below and read some of our most read stories since we started this project.

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Stories and Opinions:
If you have any stories or opinions that you want us to post, email us at stories@colouredsa.co.za

General Queries:
For everything else, email us at admin@colouredsa.co.za

Want to Advertise With Us?

Advertise with us and reach up to 1000 readers for as little as R50. Our website caters to a large audience and our ads have been viewed millions of times within the first year of our launch. The rates are listed below.

Please note that CPM refers to the cost per 1000 views (or impressions). The Leaderboard refers to the ads at the top of the story, ‘In Content’ refers to the ads in the middle of the story, and the Footer refers to ads below the story.

CPM Rates (Mobile and Desktop):

  • Leaderboard (728×90) – R50
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  • Footer (728×90, 300×250) – R100

Website Details – February 2017 to December 2017

  • Total of 300 000 Unique Visitors
  • 65% Female, 35% Male

Other Details

Coloured South Africa is a family orientated and socially conscious website. We do not advertise material that our audience would object to.

Email us at admin@colouredsa.co.za for more details.