Cape Coloured Congress Stuns by Taking Second Place in Ward By-Election

Despite having no money and no media coverage, the Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) garnered enough votes to position itself as a threat to DA rule in the Western Cape.

The DA won the by-election in Delft’s ward 20 in Cape Town but it continued to lose support, winning only 51%; down a whopping 12 percentage points from 63% in 2016.

The CCC managed to land in second place, grabbing 19% of the vote, enough to position itself as the only party capable of removing the DA from power.

This 19% is remarkable given the fact that this was the first time the party contested an election and it did so with virtually no money and no media coverage.

The DA however had millions at its disposal as well as the support and resources of its wealthy donors.

At its launch in December 2019, it was doubtful that the party would move beyond its identity as ‘Gatvol Capetonian’ and find its feet as a serious party with clear objectives.

The CCC, however, seemed to have landed with its feet firmly on the ground, taking up the space that the GOOD party had abandoned.

With Minister Patricia de Lille’s popularity, the GOOD Party was positioned as a viable alternative in Cape Town and the Western Cape, but its lack of a realistic strategy saw it collapse into obscurity.

In his statement, the leader of the CCC, Fadiel Adams, clarified that the party’s main objective is to chip away at the DA’s majority while building election machinery that can rival that of the DA.

He further stated that their team “has shown that the DA is a party in decay” and that they will “make it suffer like they do to us”.

He also suggested that the party is making itself ready to become the ruling party in the Western Cape so that they can finally “have a say in our children’s futures”.

He also thanked organiser, Nigel Williams, stating that the result would not have been possible without him.

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