Court Orders Patricia de Lille to be Reinstated as Mayor of Cape Town

In a judgement delivered by Judge Patrick Gamble, the Western Cape High Court has ordered that Patricia de Lille be reinstated by the City of Cape Town.

Mayor de Lille had her DA party membership terminated after it was claimed that she stated that she would leave the party. The DA claimed that she said this in an interview she had on the ‘Eusebuis McKaiser’ Show. Represented by Advocate Dali Mpofu, Mayor de Lille however argued that she did not say that she would leave the party, but rather, that she would leave her position as Mayor. She also stated that the DA acted unconstitutionally when it removed her.

Her removal as Mayor followed months of corruption accusations levelled against her by the DA. Mayor de Lille however stated that she was never provided with any evidence of her wrongdoing. The DA has, up to this point, failed to produce any evidence of Mayor de Lille acting in a manner that is corrupt.

The court also ruled that she should be subjected to the disciplinary process of the DA. The process will determine whether Mayor de Lille acted in a manner that is corrupt. Mayor de Lille has however asked the party to open the process to the public to make it more transparent. The DA has however refused calls for transparency.