Ellen Pakkies Movie Wins Big at SA Film Awards

Following its critical and box office success, the Ellen Pakkies Story added another accolade to its belt when it won big at this year’s, South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas).

The film received the Feature film award for Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Director.

Jill Levenberg won the Best Actress award for her powerful portrayal of the titular character, Ellen Pakkies. Her performance, which has been described as heart-rending, takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride of a mom who loses her son to addiction and is forced to make the most tragic of decisions.

Winning the award for Best Actor, Jarrid Geduld’s performance has been described as Oscar-worthy. He throws himself into the character of Abie, a gentle kid who dreams of buying his mom a house but becomes enslaved to drugs and transforms into an unrecognizable monster. His commitment to portraying the character led to him losing so much weight, that some had become concerned for his health.

Winning the award for best director, Daryne Joshua has shown the cinematic world that it possible for a South African drama to become a box office success. Not only was it the second highest grossing movie of 2018, but it had the highest gross of any drama since 2013. It was also one of the few South African films that made more than R6 million at the Box Office and it is the highest grossing real-life drama over the last decade.

The Best Feature Fim was awarded to ‘Sew the Winter to my Skin’. The film was produced by Layla Swart, who also won the award for Youth Achiever Award. The film also stars Durban born Canadian Actress, Kandyse McClure.

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