History Making Kungfu Master, Junaid Chafeker, to Release his First Book

Junaid with his mom, Salma

Three months after leading his team to a historic record number of gold medals, Junaid Chafeker will once again be making history of a different kind.

The Kungfu Master will be releasing his first book this coming Monday, becoming the first South African Kungfu Champion to do so.

Titled, ‘KUNGFU: My Journey, The History’, the book will chronicle his journey from being a shy, introverted kid, to becoming a ferocious international Kungfu champion.

The book will also follow Junaid as he is trained in South Africa, China, the USA and Hong Kong by the best Kungfu masters in the world.

Junaid is also proud of the fact that he is the first South African Muslim Kungfu Master to write a book, and some of the chapters are testament to this.

The book looks at the history of Islam in China as well as the unique style of fighting developed by China’s Muslim minorities (such as the Hui), several hundred years ago.

Much of the history he writes about is not only through research, but also through his own personal interactions while he was studying Kungfu in China.

Not only does he write about his mother, Salma Chafeker, but he also dedicated the entire book to her memory.

He describes Salma, who passed away in August, as his greatest source of inspiration and not only does he love her, but he also has a deep respect for her commitment to equality.

Salma was a white South African who had fought against apartheid and not only fought for racial equality, but also for the empowerment of women.

Junaid says that his mother was his greatest motivator and credits her for giving him his fighting spirit, not only as a Kungfu Master, but also as a community activist.

He is actively involved in uplifting the youth through martial arts training and he will also be offering free Kungfu self-defense workshops to women and girls, as well as working with young men to help change the way women are treated in society.

Junaid says that he hopes that his book inspires young people and motivate them to make the right choices, work hard and become champions in every aspect of their lives.

The book will have its first ‘soft launch’ in Cape Town on Monday, with additional launches taking place in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Pretoria in October and November.

The book will go on sale for R150 and you can pre-order copies by emailing Salma Doran at mjlikungfu@gmail.com or calling her at 081 711 1211 or 082 454 3027.

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