Jenique Lands First Role in Hollywood Blockbuster

It is not often the case that actors land their first acting gig playing alongside some of Hollywood’s elite. However, it is also not often the case that you get someone as driven as Jenique Hendrix.

The young actress from Ennerdale, Johannesburg, landed her first role in the movie, Mile 22, starring alongside Mark Wahlberg and John Malkovich. She plays the supporting role of Knight, a member of a highly trained top-secret CIA tactical command team. The team are assigned to help Mark Wahlberg’s character, James Silva, smuggle a foreign intelligence asset from Southeast Asia to an airfield 22 miles away.

Jenique says that she started nurturing her passion for acting since a young age, acting in school and church plays. She went on to attend the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg after which she emigrated with her family to the US at the age of 15. She went on to attend the School of the Arts in Rochester, New York, and graduated with a degree from the International Academy of Design, and Technology.

Of the role, she admits that although it was an honour to be in the company of experienced actors, she felt a bit insecure because her CV was nothing compared to theirs. However, the director, Peter Berg, eased her anxiety by hugging her and thanking her for being on set. She says that his kind heart made her feel like part of the team.

She also states that it was important for her to play the role of a strong woman, because she hopes to return to South Africa where she can help motivate women and children. She first wants to establish her career in the US and if possible, buy a house in South Africa where she can return to often.

Aside from acting, she also dabbles in design and styling as a form of artistic expression. She is also really close to her single parent mom, who was her honoured guest at the premier of the movie. For the time being however, she is focused on growing her acting career and being the driven person that she is, don’t be surprised when her name starts popping up everywhere.

If you want to see Jenique help Mark Wahlberg defeat the bad guys, check out the movie which is currently playing in cinemas across the country.

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