Laingsburg Learners Futures Nearly in Limbo after Matric Exam Papers Go Missing

A horror scenario might be waking up one day, and learning that you will not be going to University because someone lost your matric exam paper.

This is exactly what seemed to have happened to a young learner from Laingsburg High, despite already having been accepted to university.

She is one of 25 young learners who, after checking their results, realised that matric results paper was marked, ‘Incomplete’.

It was further noted on their results report that they were marked as absent on the day that they wrote their history exams.

Upon enquiry, they were told that their exam papers got lost and nobody seems to have answers, including the Western Cape’s Department of Education.

To make matters worse, when they opened the newspaper to search for their learner numbers, they weren’t listed, presumably because their matric results are marked as incomplete.

There is good news however.

After making enquiries at the Western Cape Department of Education, it was confirmed to us that they became aware of the situation yesterday.

Officials were tasked to investigate and it was confirmed that the History Paper 2 scripts had not been delivered to the Department.

The investigation led them to the school where the exam papers were found securely locked away in with its electronic lock intact and inside a sealed tamper-proof courier bag.

The department went on further to confirm that “arrangements have already been made for the immediate marking and moderation of the scripts” and that they would “do everything in our power to ensure that the candidates receive their full results by Saturday – at the latest”.

The learners will be able to collect their results at the school and the date and time will be communicated via the acting principal.

They also confirmed that the District Director has met with the parents this afternoon to explain this process” and they are “very disappointed that this error occurred”.

Further investigation will be conducted “to determine why the scripts were not submitted to the WCED, as required”.

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