Ricardo To Represent South Africa at Golden Key International Leadership Conference

PhD student, Ricardo Smart has jetted off to Australia to represent South Africa as a guest speaker at the Golden Key Asia Pacific International Leadership Conference.

The Golden Key Society is the largest honour society in the world, representing top performing university students and graduates from around the world.

The conference, which is being held in Brisbane from 06 to 08 February, is an opportunity for these bright young minds an opportunity to network and share ideas.

He will be travelling to Australia with the Director of Golden Key Southern Africa, Dr. Elmie Castleman, and nine other students delegates from different South African Universities.

He says that the South African delegation is a true reflection of our country of the country’s diverse cultures and backgrounds.

“For me, it is interesting that regardless of the diversity, we can stand together as one and represent our country in the best way possible at an international platform,” says Ricardo.

He adds that he is “excited to meet inspiring international leaders and to learn the culture of Australia”.

Ricardo says that the conference, which is held annually, “has led to several successful businesses and projects worldwide”.

“Networking at conferences usually turns out to favour not only the participants but the broader community at a later stage,” says Ricardo.

Ricardo is, of course, a born-networker and his networking skills have allowed him to be part of multiple service projects nationally and internationally.

As a guest speaker, the 28-year-old Ricardo will be delivering a paper on the topic: “Post-conference networking sessions are the game-changer”.

Ricardo is currently completing his final year of PhD studies at the Institution of Wine Biotechnology at Stellenbosch University.

Last year, the Golden Key Society awarded him the International Leadership Council Award for Community Leadership.

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